The aim of our equity team is to uncover growth stocks that have been incorrectly priced due to temporary market inefficiencies. As followers of the Growth at a Reasonable Price (GARP) investment strategy, we hold that the long-term stock price performance is primarily driven by earnings growth. But, it’s crucial to not pay too much for such growth in order to achieve the best results.


The Multi-Asset team has the responsibility of monitoring global macroeconomic and market developments and evaluating their impact on policies and investment strategies. Equipped with specialized strategy and currency function, we aim to be thoughtful and consistent and share our perspectives with the Wama Asset Management Committee.

Fixed Income

The fixed income team at Wama Asset Management holds the belief that short-term market inefficiencies can offer chances to enhance returns through proactive management. Our investment methodology is grounded in thorough fundamental and qualitative analysis, and reinforced by a systematic quantitative investment framework. We maintain a strict investment approach to achieve our goals.

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